Manufacturer and Suppliers of Cocopeats

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Quality products call for a high degree of accuracy in manufacturing. Through our indefatigable efforts, we have always been able to maintain very high standard of quality in exports and has acquired aformidable reputation worldwide. Our experts maintain a strict vigil on the manufacturing and processing products to offer highest quality products from procurement of raw material to finished products. And also we are giving more importance for weedfree materials and for foreign materials removal.

We are keeping the sample batch by batch and can assure that not even a single product will be rejected by our clients. We can produce good quality of coco peat blocks with the well-equipped machineries we have in our factory

Coco Peat  Coco Fibre Dust
coco peat Agricultural Charcoal
coco peat Potting Soil Mixture


Our Factory is equipped with an excellent laboratory . With experienced, highly qualified quality control officers, we ensure that each and every block manufacturerd in our factory is thoroughly gone through all tests like E.C level, P.H.level and moisture etc. We can produce good quality of Coco Peat Blocks with the Well-Equipped machineries.

Our Research & Development Team's continuous efforts have resulted in improved, consistent product quality and also new developments including discovering new usages for our products and other improvements or possibilities to meet the changing demands of our customers.

We are the manufacturer of coconut palm products as cocopeat , copra sludge(oil cake), coconut oil, coconut chips, coconut shell charcoal, coconut fiber(coir), coir rope and net,. We have spent many years in this business field both as a producer and as an exporter.

We are pioneering Manufacturers & Exporters of COCOPEAT based bales, blocks, hydroponic growbags, pads, potting soil mixtures, agricultural fibres, agricultural charcoal, terracotta chips, rubberized coir products & hop twines.